What our main features

Auto Patch

UP2MOE can patch your applications and games easily and automatically. You don't need to worry anymore.


With yrBox your clients can backup and restore their important files such as save games to their flash drive easily.

Remote Control

UP2MOE support remote control, so you can send remote commands from server to all client in network. You can use more than 10 powerful remote commands like Wake on LAN, Remote Patch, Run Program, Set a Prank and many more.


UP2SQUID is a powerful proxy that can save and optimize your bandwidth plus make your clients happy since they can surf the web faster.

Online Status

With GCSTATS you ( and your clients ) can monitor your internet cafes / cyber cafes / game center easily to your business profile at GameMoe.com.

GameMoe Sync

Your clients now can record their applications and games usage to their profile in GameMoe.com.

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What is it?

UP2MOE is a professional software package to deliver a complete computer management

Who is it for?

This software is specifically designed to suit the needs of Internet cafes, cyber cafes and gaming centers of any size

Why use it?

UP2MOE enables cyber cafes of any size to track, monitor and manage applications with minimal setup time and maintenance


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